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Smooth practice expansion requires a personalized, team approach. Call 818-241-1144 now for you free consultation or email us at

It takes more than a one-day seminar here and there, a couple of articles, or some advice from a friend to consistently and successfully attract quality new clients, sell valuable services, hire great staff who contribute to the team, deal with collections and still have time to keep other important areas of life in balance.

sterling management teamworkFor thirty three years, Sterling has delivered viable, stable, organized, and enjoyable performance to tens of thousands of professionals.
Sterling can create a clearly laid out, uncomplicated, step-by-step program, custom designed for you and your staff and based on your goals for your practice.

  • * workshops for the practice owner and staff to get everyone on the same page

    * hands-on, individualized, consulting to help you achieve your goals

    * executive training courses that give you the ability to handle the practice or any business;

    * on-site training, individualized for you and your staff so everyone takes responsibility for practice performance.

Sterling’s unique program trains you in the practice management tools and techniques you need. Sterling staff provide one-on-one, individualized consulting to help you implement these proven tools to achieve your performance goals.

By survey, Sterling clients see on average these levels of expansion:

* first four to six months – 30 percent increase in production.


sterling-free-dvd-coverGet Sterling’s free DVD and complimentary practice analysis.

Sterling’s free DVD shows effective strategies to improve your practice. Sterling’s free confidential practice analysis is a no obligation opportunity to get your practice management questions answered. With these you can decide for yourself whether Sterling offers the most innovative and effective practice management program available today.
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Sterling Workshops – Practice Management Seminars

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Practice Management Workshop – All Professions – Glendale, CA Jan 6-7 (Frid-Sat). Call for Details 818-241-1144

sterling dental summit

Dental Summit – Glendale, CA March 10-11 (Frid-Sat). Call for Details 818-241-1144

Veterniary Success Summit - Glendale, CA March 10-11(Frid-Sat)

Veterniary Success Summit – Glendale, CA March 10-11(Frid-Sat). Call for Details 818-241-1144

Optometric Success Summit – Glendale, CA April 7-8 (Frid-Sat). Call for Details 818-241-1144

sterling NYC

Sterling Practice Management Workshop – New York City May 6-7 (Frid-Sat)